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  1. When are games played?  Generally Sundays .  U9-U14 12:00-5:00 and U15 9:00-5:00.
  2. When are training sessions? Generally, teams train twice a week.  Tuesday and Thursday evenings are primary days BUT some teams train on Friday evening or Saturday morning.  Schedules cannot be set until teams are organized.
  3. Where are games played?  Home games are Tibbetts or Fleming Field in Yonkers, both are turf fields.  Away games depend on the opponent but are through Westchester, occasionally Manhattan or Bronx. Generally 5 home games and 5 away games.
  4. Transportation to Games?  The Club does NOT provide transportation.  Parents are responsible for driving/carpooling to away games.  Most away games are less than 30-minute drive.
  5. What are the registration fees? Registration fees for the full season (fall/spring) are approximately $525 (subject to adjustment).  The registration fees have remained the same for three years and are expected to be very similar.
  6. What do registration fees include? Entry fee for team, field rental, contracted training sessions, equipment and uniforms (new players only).
  7. Uniforms? Uniforms are expected to be worn for two years (cost effective).  New players will receive a full uniform when registering for the 1sttime. Uniforms for returning players (or individual pieces thereof) will need to be ordered and possibly paid for separately (i.e. not included in registration fees).
  8. Who are the coaches? Teams are coached by volunteers, typically the parent of a player on the team.  Coaches must complete a certification course before they can coach. Some teams may use contracted trainers instead of volunteers, however, registration fees for such teams will be increased if this option is used.  Generally, each team has two coaches and/or a team manager to handle administrative items.
  9. Can players participate in other sports? Yes, however, it is expected that participants make a solid effort to attend training and especially games.   Inform coaches of conflicts that might arise due to other sports, school etc. and generally, things will work out.
  10. How are teams selected? Tryouts are held each season and players must be selected to a team.  In age groups with multiple teams, players are assigned to teams based on ability (i.e. their teams are created based in player ability).  Selection based on tryout results (and for returning players evaluations from trainers and coaches during the prior season).
  11. Can requests be made to play with other kids or a particular coach? Yes, however, a request may not be met (see question on team selection).